You can find details of some of the projects I’ve developed and worked on here. I hope you enjoy what you find, and if you have any questions, contact me!

OneCampus – Personal Project

OneCampus is a tool for University students to gain access to a range of campus services, while replacing the need for a physical plastic Student card. It was built by a team of 4 students at the JISC DigiFest Hackathon 2019, with my role being primarily on the App itself. We’re continuing to build it out, and I’ll share more as time goes on.

Reddit News – Personal Project

Reddit News is a skill for Amazon Alexa, enabling her to add the latest news from your favourite subreddits, straight to your Flash Briefing.

You can find it here

News Thump – Personal Project

News Thump is another skill for Amazon Alexa, adding the latest from your favourite satirical news site, straight to your Flash Briefing

You can find it here

Google HashCode 2018 – Competition

Google HashCode 2018 was a programming project to complete a given task using the most efficient algorithm. You can read all about it here.

You’ll find my solution on GitHub.

Vertx – Professional Project

I used to work for VISR as an Azure Cross-Domain Solutions Architect (Or Solutions Architect for short) on a product called Vertx. I mainly build the login, authentication, billing and licensing systems, alongside working on the DevOps & Deployment. From time to time I contribute to the actual Javascript player, adding small features and tweaks.

As I work on more projects, I’ll be posting them here. Project progress will be regularly documented in the blog, and this page will contain links to blog posts and GitHub projects for you to explore.

I like to build things that are new or exiting. I occasionally build MVC Web Applications, Powershell Scripts, and Unity projects. If you have any ideas or cool projects you’re working on, let me know and I might get involved!